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Solar Air Tech, LLC

Stabilize Earth's Atmosphere and Oceans | "Save Earth's Ecosphere"

Over 2.5 Billion Vehicles - CAN RUN on "Full- Cycle" Carbon Neutral Fuel

To Enable:  Improved Ecologic & Economic Conditions

SolarAir™ Inventor/Designer/Owner

Art Burtis, through decades of experience, building multiple forms of chimneys and solar-heat walls, refined his knowledge to design maximum efficiency solar-heat powered mass-airflow systems.

SolarAir™ Tower-Chimney interior and exterior design parameters pull, push and accelerate SolarAir™ mass-airflow convection. The sun's captured heat rays superheat SolarAir™ airflow. Heat conduction creates ambient air's molecular expansion that reduces air weight and expedites airflow speeds inside SolarAir™ Tower-Chimney's horizontal and vertical airflow convection paths. Elevation air pressure drops and ground level air pressure circumstances, along with solar heat collection channelings, expedite increased airflow. Adjustable air temperatures and airflow speeds remain within tolerances. Venturi effects and uniquely heated airflow compression/direction designs interact to increase [or decrease when needed] SolarAir™ airflow's high-volume air movements and air pressures.

Necessary Climate and Ecosystem Improvements - A Statement - By, Art Burtis

Urgent needs for Crisis Management Alternatives right-now exist for obtaining successful abatements of anthropogenically created global warming, climate changes, environmental catastrophes and oceanic pH balance reductions that create acidification - killing ocean life.  

Over 50% increased [since 1700's] Parts Per Million (PPM) of atmospherically suspended CO2 must soon be substantially reduced.  Earth's average CO2 PPM for sustained, livable climate conditions humans experienced during recent centuries [pre industrial revolution / pre population explosion] was 250 to 280 PPM. NOAA: January 2022 CO2 PPM 418.19, January 2021 CO2 PPM 415.52: Visit -  That equals a 2.67 PPM one year increase.  Multiply that by 10 years = 26.7 PPM increase; representing that by 2032 atmospheric CO2 PPM could reach 444.89.  Which is TOTALLY, TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!  Because... by that time, at that level of atmospheric CO2 PPM, the increased climate temperature will be creating devastating, life ending, eco-systemic calamity conditions throughout the world.     

Atmosphere CO2 contents are consistently increasing 2 to 3 PPM, annually .  Even though developed nations are working breakneck speed to limit the influx of additional greenhouse gasses [including CO2] the developing nations are not so much doing so.  Thus:  Annually continued Atmospheric CO2 PPM increase. 

Therefore, Just Imagine:  Seeing as CO2 PPM overload is the initiator that maintains its lead position to continue causing global warming, for resulting environmental/climate upheavals - at 2.67 per year PPM increase - by 2042 [in 20 years] today's 418.19 PPM will reach 471.59 PPM.  Seeing as todays 418.19 PPM is unmanageable … well you get the picture.  We Must Immediately, Aggressively Begin PPM Drawdown!   That's the answer! - There is no question!!

Anthropogenic created atmospheric CO2 PPM overload, from burning of carbon positive fossil fuels and due to massive agriculture livestock productions, is the global warming initiator. Inordinate atmospheric PPM of solar heat absorbing CO2 elevates global air temperature. CO2 heated air increases ocean, lake, river and land temperatures. These “feed-on” warmings elevate humidity, melt glaciers exposing dark land and de-ice dark sea surfaces; each aspect absorbing more solar heat, thus exacerbating the CO2 PPM initiated warming. Climate warming has become “The Perfect [Global Environmental] Storm”; fed by solar warmed entities. Amply reduced atmospheric CO2 PPM can help enable regained climate-temperature and climate-storm stabilizations. Without successful atmospheric CO2 abatement civilization’s future on Earth portends calamity. To reduce warming we must build many locations where ambient air can be "vacuumed" [i.e. filtered] on a repetitive, clean. solar powered basis. CO2 Direct Air Capture (DAC) can become affordable to accomplish by utilizing CO2 as a base product for sales of needed, profitable commodities.

A new source, Full-Cycle, "Carbon Neutral" liquid hydrocarbon fuel industry can be created. “AirLic” Fuels™ need to and will exist on large scale global basis.

Earth's currently livable ecosystem's land/climate/oceanic conditions are fragile. Human race, as shepherd of Earth's life giving environment, has this irrefutable mandate: We must correctly live within and participate alongside the rules and regulations of planet Earth's "Nature". Otherwise, if we do not do so... Our human race will become just another "dead" blip on the multi billion year radar screen of Earth's "Mother Nature" life giving journey. If we do do so... future potentials for our human race are virtually unlimited.  Humanity must now work together to "Save Earth's Ecosphere".

Master Builder - Entrepreneur

Art's entrepreneurial experience encompassed several business types. He designed and patented pressure injection tools that accomplish breakthrough grout and mortar installation techniques for the professional and d-i-y homeowner builder industries. Art built and owned a restaurant and tavern. Currently, Art owns and operates a masonry, concrete, tile and stucco construction company.  As well, Art Burtis is Originator, Founder and CEO of Solar Air Tech LLC; owner of this website.

Visualizer, Originator and Designer of SolarAir™ Tower-Chimney

Art is the creator of SolarAir™ Tower-Chimney that utilizes solar heat and air pressure variances for moving mass volumes of ambient air throughout its convection designed confines. Multiple scaled locations of SolarAir™ Tower-Chimney will annually produce MW electricity and thousands of gallons potable water as well as assist in removing tens-of-thousand-tons CO2 from the atmosphere.

We Must Join Together in Stabilizing Earth's Climate and Oceans. Therefore Protecting Its Life-Giving Ecosphere Conditions

To cleanly produce electricity and full-cycle, "carbon neutral" liquid hydrocarbon fuels SolarAir™ Tower-Chimney is the mass air mover that can help create a global energy industry game change. There is more about SolarAir™ than can be revealed on this website; much is held in proprietary, trade secret abeyance.  Looking forward to communication with interested parties.

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NOTE: Franklin M. ("Lynn") Orr, Jr. served as Under Secretary for Science and Energy at the US Department of Energy from December 2014 to January 2017. He was director of the Precourt Institute for Energy at Stanford from its establishment in 2009 to 2013. He served as director of the Global Climate and Energy Project from 2002 to 2008. Orr was the Chester Naramore Dean of the School of Earth Sciences at Stanford University from 1994 to 2002. He has been a member of the Stanford faculty since 1985 and holds the Keleen and Carlton Beal Chair of Petroleum Engineering in the Department of Energy Resources Engineering, and was a Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment and the Precourt Institute for Energy.

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To learn additional Solar Air Tech LLC | SolarAir™ Tower-Chimney information: Please visit the "Contact Us" page

"Save Earth's Ecosphere"


Art Burtis, CEO

Solar Air Tech, LLC

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