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Solar Air Tech, LLC

Stabilize Earth's Atmosphere and Oceans | "Save Earth's Ecosphere"

Over 2.5 Billion Vehicles - CAN RUN on "Full- Cycle" Carbon Neutral Fuel

To Enable:  Improved Ecologic & Economic Conditions



 Massive, Ongoing Separation of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

CO2 Direct Air Capture is Necessary to Stop Climate Warming

Increase Earth's Ecosphere Value, Quality and Resilience 

Stabilize Climate Conditions | Improve Environmental Arenas

"Save Earth's Ecosphere"

SolarAir Power = No Fans to Massively Move and Interact with Ambient Air!

-  Solar Heated - Mass-Airflow Convection = Cleanly Enabled, Massive 

Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Collection; i.e., "Direct Air Capture" [DAC] Carbon Dioxide Separation from Atmosphere.


SolarAir Tower-Chimney (SATC) Mass-Airflow Propeller-Turbine Electricity Generation will Help Enable: CO2 Based Full-Cycle, Carbon 

Neutral Gasoline, Diesel and Jet Fuel Production.


SATC Clean Mass-Airflow Convection expands opportunity for CO2 DAC and will drive electric turbines via ambient air movement.  SATC also captures condensed potable water, enables desalinization [where applicable] and provides clean manufacturing  energy for numerous "Green" products.

Product Availabilities

SolarAirPower Turbines in Venturi and under Heat-Canopy = MW Electricity

- Mass CO2 Separation from Atmosphere; i.e., Direct Air Capture [DAC]

CO2 Base, Full-Cycle, Carbon Neutral Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel: "AirLic" Fuels™

Refrigerants; e.g., Dry Ice 

- Potable Water via Condensation.  Desalination [in applicable areas]

Top Priorities: Carbon Dioxide Direct Air Capture [DAC] - therefrom - Full-Cycle, "Carbon Neutral" Diesel, Gasoline and Jet Fuel Production

Atmospheric CO2 Parts Per Million [PPM] overload can create a new-source global energy industry; i.e., Full-Cycle "Carbon Neutral" atmospheric-return fuels. Code Name [trademark]: "AirLic" Fuels.  This new fuel industry will substantively assist reduction of global warming and help stabilize oceanic pH balance.  These new-source gasoline, diesel and jet fuels can assist in keeping the over two billion combustion engines running well.  Thus, helping to maintain economies while simultaneously working toward  Earth's annual climate temperature stabilization.  CO2 sequestration will be employed as needed. 

Throughout many levels of ecosphere refurbishment requirements:  Vast global employment increase will occur toward correctly resuscitating and then maintaining/protecting Earth's ecosystem, ecology, climate and natural resources.

This is civilization's next step toward improved human living conditions.

Burgeoning opportunities exist to harness and enjoy the plentiful life supporting outcomes available from this current "Nature-Support Revolution" [NSR].

NSR follows on the heels of our "Industrial Revolution" and will flow perfectly in parallel with our 21st Century "Technological Revolution".

During this global-span, highly required and financially profitable transition to Full-Cycle, "Carbon Neutral" Gasoline, Diesel and Jet Fuels the crude oil industry can become fully vested and well invested.  Both types of fuels will be drop-in fungible to one another.  They will act to support many markets for each other.  

During this required worldwide, Full-Cycle "Carbon Neutral" liquid hydrocarbon fuel transition, civilization will in many "other" ways proceed with ecologically correct, employment creating and profit producing new-age "Nature-Support Revolution" opportunities.  By working together we can "Save Earth's Ecosphere"!

Solar Air Tech, LLC introduces:   SolarAir™ Tower-Chimney

Mantra:  "Save Earth's Ecosphere"

Process:  "Refurbish, Sustain and Improve Earth's Life Giving and Life Supporting Natural Qualities - before global heating creates too many eco-systemic failures that lead to the Tipping Point"; wherein trade winds, jet stream and oceanic currents alter their course.  Due to which; seasonal climate stability will be no longer available and extinctions of millions of lifeforms will ensue.


Working Together:  We can Expand Civilization's Opportunity for Successful Future. 

SolarAir™ Mechanisms Activate Solar-Heated Mass-Airflow Convection: Providing utility scale airflow power at adjustable speeds, temperatures and volumes. Internally actuated air pressure drops and pressure increases facilitate product-outcome operational sequences.

This scalable solar-heated airflow system can cleanly operate commercially available apparatus to produce electricity, drawdown atmospheric CO2, help manufacture full-cycle combustible liquid fuels and create potable water for our 21st Century... and beyond.  SolarAir™ Tower-Chimney's self-operations neither produce nor emit harmful exhaust gas emissions.

Thermal heat storage [e.g. heat sinks] can enable dark-hour airflow so that SolarAir™ atmospheric CO2 separation and electric power generation can continue productions.  When needed, Full-Cycle "Carbon Neutral" "AirLic" Fuels™ positioned-burners can also create heat for extended dark-hour airflow.

SolarAir™ Solar Energized Mass Airflow Enables Filtration/Separation, i.e. "Drawdown" of Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases.

Global scale, full-cycle, "carbon neutral" liquid hydrocarbon fuels could and should become the norm. 

Momentum Is Building:  Via Mounting, Unstoppable Global Need - Momentum Will Conquer!

Result is worldwide atmospheric full-cycle production of a new, profit filled, "carbon neutral" liquid hydrocarbon energy source.

Large sectors of over 2 billion gasoline, diesel and jet fuel combustion engines, as well as fossil fueled electricity generating plants, = “AirLic” Fuels™  immediate market.  “AirLic” Fuels™ can resoundingly assist to "Save Earth's Ecosphere"

Our Goal

Scaled, SolarAir™ Tower-Chimney mass-airflow operations, in multiples, will cleanly and affordably assist other organizations' carbon dioxide (CO2) Direct Air Capture (DAC) mechanisms to separate multi-thousand-ton CO2 from Earth's atmosphere.  Control over atmospheric CO2 PPM is an absolute requirement to at first help stop climate warming and then to reach/maintain acceptable temperature levels throughout Earth's climate zones.   Utility scale atmospheric CO2 removal will exponentially help accomplish global-scale production of new-source, full-cycle, "carbon neutral", CO2-based liquid hydrocarbon fuels.  Carbon positive fossil fuel use must become regulated and proportioned in acceptable volumes from which civilization can experience livable climate and environmental conditions.  This paragraph's contents clearly depict global needs for action filled goals to be successfully accomplished before humanity's future wellbeing is severely impacted.    

Atmospheric Full-cycle, "Carbon Neutral" liquid hydrocarbon fuel industry is now at the world's doorstep.

Full-Cycle, "Carbon Neutral" diesel, gasoline and jet fuels will be fungible and drop-in ready to mix with "carbon positive" refined crude oil fuels. Extracted atmospheric CO2 will also be used for expediting growth in commercial green house operations and algae ponds; as well as for the manufacturing of building products and production of dry ice to fulfill commercial refrigeration needs.  SolarAir™ horizontal and vertical propeller-blade turbine electricity production, including condensed water [also desalination in applicable regions], will be utilized for tending to full-cycle, carbon neutral fuel manufacturing and other onsite operation needs.  Excess electricity and water productions will be sold/distributed off-site.  

SolarAirPower™ clean system "green" products create enormous opportunity for "Carbon Credit" sales throughout industry.

There's The Future... Here's The Chance! 


By Working Together... We Can Help - "Save Earth's Ecosphere"!

W. Arthur "Art" Burtis

Solar Air Tech, LLC | Founder and CEO

P.O. Box 1, San Geronimo, CA 94963 | 415 488 4044 | [email protected] |

SolarAir™ Tower-Chimney - “AirLic” Fuels™

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